Unser Patenkind Tania in Bangladesh

Januar 2015

In letzten Jahr haben die Realschüler und Realschülerinnen wieder einen Teil des Spendenlaufs für ihr Patenkind Tania Akter in Bangladesh gespendet und sie monatlich mit einem festen Geldbetrag unterstützt. Zusätzlich haben wir Tania zu ihrem letzten Geburtstag 100,- Euro als Geschenk zukommen lassen.

Tania hat uns daraufhin wieder einen Brief geschrieben, der bei uns im Januar eingetroffen ist. Sie hat den Brief natürlich wieder in Brahmi-Schrift geschrieben, aber er steht auch in englisch unten drunter.

Schaut mal, was Tania und ihre Familie mit den 100,- Euro angefangen haben:

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World Vision Bangladesh

Dear Sponsor,

Cordial greetings and love to you. I hope that you are fine with your family. I am also fine with my family members.

By your GN money I have received a heifer cow through Faridpur ADP World Vision Bangladesh. I am very happy and thanks with my family for your nice gift.

We didn´t have any cow before. We will rear it carefully and this cow will provide calf and milk in future. Milk will help us to fulfill the needs of nutrition and extra milk we will sell in the market. It will support to reduce financial crisis and I can continue my study in a good way.

Thanks for your GN money. My study is going well. Please pray for me so that I can study in properly and ending my letter here.

Your loving child

Tania Akter


Dezember 2014

Und wir freuen uns über Weihnachtspost aus Bangladesh, die Tania in Brahmi-Schrift geschrieben hat und die darunter in englischer Übersetzung steht.

2014-12-26 11

World Vision Bangladesh

November, 2014


Dear Sponsor,

I am wishing to you cordial greetings. I hope that you are fine with your family.

I am also fine with my family members.

I have received your letter and card. My family and I are very happy and thankful to you for your card and letter.

My study is going well. Every night I and my elder sister is study together and my elder sister help me which I can´t understand. Please pray for me so that I can continue my study properly and to reach my goal.

It is winter season now in our country. In this season many kinds of flower are blossom. Such al Marigold, China Rose, Bely etc.


Your loving child,

Name –   AKTER, Tania

BGD 169171-6119

Translator: Sheuly